How To Get The Best Quote For A Handyman In Austin Texas

Sep 13, 2020 | Austin

A handyman can be the best solution for getting jobs done around the home that are too small for a building contractor to be a viable (or economic) option. 

For general property maintenance, painting, plastering, furniture assembly and minor carpentry jobs (and more) around your home, hiring an Austin handyman is the best option. 

One of the bonuses about handymen is that they are able to come and look at and complete work with little notice; a true convenience for homeowners who need something done ASAP. 

Once you have an established relationship with a handyman (or a handyman business), you can become a regular client for them which builds a trusting relationship and provides you with dependable service. 

Here are some tips you can follow to get the best quote and service from your local handymen in Austin:

1 – Get several quotes

The first quote that you get should not be the last as it is in your best interest to check with at least 3 different handyman services to compare their prices and work schedules. 

Make sure that all discussed and outlined work is reflected in the quote and that you get this on paper.

Choosing the cheapest handyman service is not normally the best option either, because their charges need to cover insurance for accidents and injuries. 

The cheapest option may end up being the riskiest with unforeseen bills, so remember that you get what you pay for.

2 – Ask your neighbors and check the grapevine

Asking around locally for recommended handymen is a great way of finding someone whose work has been seen and valued by the community. 

Asking your neighbors and checking with friends for handymen that they already use will give you honest opinions about their quality of work and etiquette. 

Although there are many apps that help you find handymen these days, searching locally will connect you with people who already have working reputations in the area.

3 – Choose handymen with websites and references

If they have a website, then they are more likely to be legitimate and professional. 

Searching their website will give you access to information on their experience, skill set, references for previous work, and customer reviews.

Because handymen can be experienced in a range of different work, some are able to do some tasks that others cannot, and they aren’t necessarily required to have formal qualifications for their work. 

This is where it is important to ensure that the handymen that you contact for quotes have the right experience and knowledge for what you need.

This will normally be displayed on their website, but if not, it is recommended that you ask for references to their previous work as proof of their capabilities such as with painting, carpentry, or basic welding etc.

4 – Clarify the size of the job and their charging method 

Many handymen will choose to charge by the hour (+material costs), however you can ask that they charge a flat rate per job which would be negotiated between the two of you. 

Remember to ask for an estimate of how long the work is expected to take before starting, especially if they are charging by the hour.

Like building contractors, handymen will often include a small mark up on the cost of materials that they proved to you. 

If you feel that an individual’s mark up is unreasonable, you can choose to source the materials yourself at normal rates.

If you need additional help with obtaining handyman quotes or want to get to know some of the best professionals in Austin, TX, contact us for more information on any and all handyman services.


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