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Sep 14, 2020 | Austin

Home remodeling, Austin Tx, be it interior or exterior, is a job where the devil is in the details. 

You get what you pay for, so be sure that you are paying for exactly what you want rather than the cheapest offer that will not add value to your property.

When looking at multiple quotes from remodeling contractors in Austin, it can be difficult for homeowners to understand what they are going to be charged for. 

And because remodeling can involve a lot of detailed work, quotes from multiple contracting companies may vary widely in their estimates depending on their idea of the scope of the work. 

To get the most realistic quotes that reflect what you need, stick to the following:

1 – Make sure you and the contractor are on the same page

It is necessary to be specific in what work you want carried out. 

Instead of saying “replace all of the siding around the house”, check if they will need to replace anything related to the main item such as waterproofing barriers that lie underneath. 

Apply this approach throughout the quotation process when describing what you need done. 

Ask if they also dispose of all waste in a site dumpster provided by them so that the quote captures disposal costs too.

Develop a list of specifications with the contractor to help with understanding what the contract will require. 

A thoroughly written list of specifications will avoid hidden costs when the work is already underway, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the contract from the start. 

Having this in writing also gives you something to hold the contractor against. 

A good contractor knows that communication is key to giving you the best quote, so be open about your budget from the start.

2 – Avoid the cheap options

The cheapest bids are going to come with higher risks and will normally indicate that corners will be cut to save on resources. When analyzing lower priced quotes, check that:

  • The company has workers compensation insurance
  • They have a local business location rather than being a mobile operation
  • They have general liability insurance
  • They have a business license AND a contractor’s license

Reputable companies require little to no down payment since they already have enough capital, and they can provide you with a reference list of previous work they have done in your area along with immediate proof of insurance and licenses.

3 – Consult, consult, consult!

Before getting a full quote from a building contractor, work on solidifying your design concept in accordance with your budget by consulting with local builders and other professionals. 

The design process has so much variety to choose from so it’s important that this is decided on before getting a comprehensive quote for the job. 

Present multiple design options to different professionals, such as window styles and types, room additions, basically any design variation relating to the work you require and ask for a ballpark estimate. 

This won’t be exact, but it will let you know roughly what will fit your budget so that you are confident in what you want and can afford. 

Being clear on what you want from the start when asking for a quote will speed up the process, give contractors more information about what is expected, and avoid unsatisfactory results and blown budgets.

If you are thinking of renovating, we can walk you through every step of the process and provide you with expert tips and recommendations.

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