Tips to Find the Best Quotes for Roof Repair in Austin

Sep 15, 2020 | Austin

The roof of your Austin home is the most important part of the structure since leaks and other roofing issues will almost definitely lead to additional problems down the line. 

Being a crucial part of a home’s health means that, unfortunately, the roof can also be one of the more expensive parts to repair or completely replace. 

Any and all roofing jobs need to be done by the right Austin roofing contractors for a fair price. 

You can find the best Austin roofing contractors by searching among local businesses instead of looking out of town because those of us operating locally in the Austin area place more value on reputation than someone who will do a bad job and disappear.

Although Austin is not within the tornado valley, being near the south end of the valley does mean that the occasional tornado will make its way through as well as seasonal storms and hurricanes that visit the area. 

This places roofing as a priority investment for your home, so follow these tips for obtaining the best quotes:

1 – Contact at least 3 different roofing companies for quotes

Don’t just choose the first company that appears on Google. Choose contractors based on reviews and recommendations that you can get from friends, family, and your own research. 

It can also help to contact both small and large roofing companies to better compare costs. 

You can also ask for homeowner references of previous work from roofing companies to see if they have done something similar to your roof’s style in the past.

2 – Understand what the contractors look for

A roofing contractor will inspect the roof before providing a cost estimate, so it pays for you to know what they look for when deciding on a price.

In addition to the pitch and size of the roof, they will consider how many layers of shingle need replacing as well as possible water damage to the roof and nearby structures. 

Knowing what parts of the project they are looking at will help you to understand and compare different quotes.

3 – Pay attention to how long it takes to receive the roofing estimate

If they say that you will receive the quote by Thursday and it doesn’t turn up until the following Tuesday, then chances are that they have some organizational problems and aren’t operating as professionally or efficiently as you would hope. Don’t choose companies with tardy behavior.

4 – Contact roofing suppliers for material costs

A contractor’s quote will include material costs, and it is common practice for contractors to include a price markup. 

Some, however, can get carried away with this so contacting material suppliers and checking how big a contractor’s markup can save you from paying more than a fair rate.

5 – Check if the company has insurance

Contractors need to have workers’ compensation and liability insurance to protect you from paying for any accidents and injuries that occur while working on your property. 

Ask if subcontractors are going to be involved and check that they do as well. You should also ask to see a company’s up-to-date roofing contractor license and ask if their work is warranted.

Contact us here for more information or for any help in obtaining a quote from a trusted roofing contractor in Austin.


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